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For decision makers

For decision makers

The FLOW project will dedicate particular attention to decision makers and politicians as they are the ones taking the strategic decision to integrate a measure into the local policy.

FLOW will develop a support package for key decision makers that will help them argue effectively that walking and cycling can reduce congestion. The support package consists of a targeted set of educational materials to present results of the FLOW project in the light of the barriers and drivers identified through a survey involving 160 key decision makers:

  • Congestion Quick Facts for Decision Makers that will present a collection of short and to-the-point facts to provide decision makers with powerful arguments for investing in cycling and walking measures as a means to reduce congestion and thus enhance quality of life in their cities. This publication will be available early 2017
  • Microscopic models presented in a visual (video) form for a lay audience to allow decision makers to visualise transport modelling that includes cycling and walking. The video will be available in April 2017

The FLOW project focuses on decision-makers at all levels: local, regional, national and international level as well as institutional stakeholders. The project partners are well connected to local Chambers of Commerce, Covenant of European Mayors network, cities from the Walk 21 Charter signatories group, the Polis Network and the Eurocities Mobility Forum, the FEHRL network, National ministries, ECF national Cycling Officers network, EU Directorates General and the EU Parliament, the OECD, UN Habitat, UITP.