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For businesses

Private sectors has, in its field of competences, a key role to play in reducing congestion and promoting walking and cycling in cities. The tools they propose may not be known by the end users.

Therefore, FLOW brings key private sectors together: planning consultants, app developers, bike share operators, cycle logistics companies and producers of other products and services that can serve to decrease congestion through cycling or walking.

As a private sector company, there are two ways to participate to the Flow project as businesses:

     -     become a “Market Exploitation Forerunners”: 10 selected companies will have the opportunity to participate in two              workshops and learn more about the project’s methodology and tools, meet the partner cities and learn more about                their expectations and needs

           Read more about the selection criteria and process here.

     -     Register to the Congestion Buster Marketplace: you’ll be listed in the marketplace and will therefore interact                          with cities willing to reduce congestion through walking and cycling.

           Read more about the Congestion Busting Marketplace .