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Munich - EN

Munich - EN

About Munich

Partner in FLOW: City of Munich

Munich is the third largest city in Germany, and is the capital of the state of Bavaria, located in southeast Germany. The city is seeing continued growth. It is anticipated that Munich’s population will increase by about 230,000 by 2030 compared to population figures from 2013. This growth poses immense challenges and crucial questions for the city: How do we retain our quality of life? How do we respond to the lack of affordable living space? How do we solve area conflicts? How do we avoid social polarisation?

Activities in FLOW 

Munich’s sustainable mobility goals

In light of the pressure on growth, the Perspective Munich report was supplemented by the guiding principle “City in Balance”. Munich will focus in the environment sector on the topic of climate change adaptation. That means preservation of fresh air corridors, preservation of space that is not only intended for recreational purposes, but generally contributes to the city’s quality of life. The second focus is on air pollution control, specifically the reduction of nitrogen oxide caused by traffic congestion. Munich is far above European limits here.

Munich’s activities will be bundled in a five-part programme of 'neighbourhood mobility' measures and implemented in the coming years.

1. Improvement and of social viability

2. Improvement of footpath connections

3. Pedestrian orientation system

4. Promotion of better cooperation in neighbourhood mobility

5. Influencing mobility behaviour with mobility management

Anticipated outcomes

       • Munich's main goal within the FLOW project is to create better public places by reallocating public

                space for pedestrians and cycling.

       • Establishing a baseline for use and sharing of public space on public places to increase walking

                quality and reduce congestion.

       • Modelling and creating cycle superhighways to prove influence on road traffic congestion.

Quick facts

Population: 1,500,000 inhabitants

Land area: 310.4 km2

Road network length: 2,180 km

Cycle paths length: 860 km

Walking paths length: 2,000 km

Public transport (PT) modes: 3

PT system length: 640 km

PT passenger trips per day: 900,000

Car trips per working day: 1,100,000/1,500,000

Modal split of Munich (EPOMM, 2008)